ECommovation strengthens individuals, groups of individuals, companies and organisations towards in their innovative and natural life cycles in development, aiming at sustainability now and in the future and within that sustainability striving for social benefits and economical profit.
Kees Schuur

About ECommovation:

  1. Inspires organisations and individuals
  2. Initiates and develops new projects and activities
  3. Supports organisations and individuals in their development process

Fields of support by ECommovation:

  1. development in education and learning (informal, non-formal, lifelong)
  2. Competence management
  3. Innovation
  4. Change management
  5. Organisational development
  6. Business development

Contact ECommovation:

Kees Schuur (MSc)
+31 6 5144 5153


ECommovation B.V.


De Hoef 72


6708 DE Wageningen



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